Sing Along to a Popular Song

Sing-Along-To-A-Popular-Song. First meeting was on  Wednesday 14th November 2018, with subsequent meetings on second or third Wednesday of the month, in the afternoon, at the house of one of the members (we have a volunteer, with internet access, for this).

Many songs have a "with lyrics" version on You Tube, and this makes it easy for the group to sing along to songs that the members of the group suggest.

We meet once a month, usually the second Wednesday, or the third Wednesday, of the month in the afternoon 1.30 pm to 3.15 pm.

Before the meeting each member of the group are invited to suggest several (3 or 4) popular songs that we could sing along to {all song genres welcome}. The member who suggests the song could explain what the song means to them ( possibly in the style of Desert Island Discs, eg history of the song, meaning in the lyrics, person who has sung this) but we do not always do this. {Suggestions for improvements to the format are welcome}

There is no need to be a good singer, just be willing to have fun in a supportive atmosphere

We hope that the meetings are fun, and possibly educational, and this type of group is possibly a unique type of group among U3As up and down the country.

At around "half time" we have refreshments, and a chat.

We have room for new members of this group.