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November 2018.

Fireworks for the first cocktail group this month. The Zombie, rum based cocktail with cinnamon fire, followed by an amazing buffet. Enjoyed by all.

Cocktail Group

Since the first meeting in February 2015, the Cocktail club has grown in popularity, and it has become necessary to split into two sessions, one being held on the first Monday of the month, and the other on the second Monday of the month starting from May 2016.

It is an opportunity to try out cocktails and enjoy good company.

The group meets at 2pm in Wellington and places must be booked in advance, and of course you need to be a member or associate member of our U3A to come along.

We all have the same cocktail, which was chosen at the previous month's meeting. As it is made for us we are told a bit about the history of the cocktail, shown how it is made, and get to sample one - yes, just the one! This is accompanied by a selection of tapas, and we finish with a fresh non-alcoholic fruit 'mocktail'.

There is a £10 charge payable on the day and places must be booked in advance.

Tequila Sunrise in progress

Cocktail Group Tapas

May day Martini

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Group Photo