Trip to Haughmond Septemeber 19th

We were entertained with a guided tour of Haughmond Abbey by Sue Blundell.  She was both knowledgeable and entertaining guiding us around the Abbey pointing out its features whilst keeping us amused with anecdotes about the life and times of the canons that lived there including some not very religious, pious or moral misdeeds.

Quote from Haughmond Abbey Lilleshall Abbey Moreton Corbet Castle by English Heritage

“Other documents, on the other hand, show that towards the end of its existence the abbey was beset by both financial and moral problems.

Financial irregularities arose from the use of the income from one of the abbey’s grange farms, and as a consequence Abbot Richard Pontesbury was disciplined for allowing the infirmary, dormitory, chapter house and library to fall in to disrepair through lack of funds towards their upkeep. Falling moral standards and a lack of discipline were reflected in the reports of official visitations Shrewsbury too often that a ‘woman of ill-repute’ was twice named as visiting the abbey, and that boys had been found in the dormitories. More serious still was the disciplining of Abbot Christopher Hunt in 1522 for fornication and a general poor administrative record”

Haughmond Abbey was a community of Augustinian canons founded in the 12th Century. It is typical of the middle rank of English monasteries and displays the remains of medieval buildings including the Abbots hall and lodgings.

Obviously Failed their OFSTED!!!

A great day was had by all our thanks to Sue for the enjoyable day only marred by sue being stung by a wasp

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